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ΑTPLab Training is more than just an app for working out. It is your own online gym that will take your fitness to the next level and boost your confidence!

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Become a member of the largest fitness community in Greece. Build your body up safely and efficiently by selecting the program that is most suitable for you.


Improve your conditioning steeply! Increase your strength and improve your stamina and endurance with the most exciting and complete program you have ever experienced.


Train in very much the same way that our top athletes choose to. This program will guide you in the most appropriate and effective way and will help you improve your athletic abilities immediately.

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Train, eat right and live better at the touch of a button. Simple to use and easy to follow.

Whether you are just starting your journey in fitness or you are an advanced athlete, our team will guide you properly to achieve your personal goals.

Our training programs can be performed anywhere, anytime. Work out in the gym, at home or your favorite outdoor spot without any restrictions.

Combine your training with the diet plan that suits your needs and achieve the maximum possible results.

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ATPLab trainers will guide you on your journey in Fitness, with complete and effective workouts that fit into your lifestyle.


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Join the most dynamic Fitness community in our country and discover how to train and eat properly under the guidance of the most experienced team!

I have tried many training programs in gyms throughout the years that I work out. It is the only program that has maximized my performance in training, at the same time I see my body shape at its best. The combination of training with ATPLab and following the ATPLab diet plan was really what I was looking for.

Ntinos Papaoikonomou

Due to limited time and training at home I started doing Burn. It’s a complete training plan, I feel and see my body at its best and most importantly, I never get bored because it is constantly varied.

Olympia Chopsonidou

I was searching for a program that targets the areas that interest me the most (abs and glutes) and I am excited about the results. It always has new, effective and easy to perform exercises that work perfectly on my body!

Heroll Carol

I have been training with the Perform program daily for the last year and I have found that its structure constantly challenges me reach my limits and improve without being stressed about results.

Chara Gidarakou

I have been a member of ATPLab Training for the last two years and I have improved in all areas of Fitness by effectively combining my training plan with the demands of my everyday life. The coaches of the team are always there for me in whatever I need!

Anastasia Zavredinou

I joined the ATPLab Athlete Program back in 2019 and since then I have PR’d all my lifts multiple times and I made my first CrossFit Games Regionals appearance under the guidance of my coaches Panos and Mike!

Leo Franco

ΑTPLab Training is more than just an app for working out. It is your own online gym that will take your fitness to the next level and boost your confidence!