Iliana Psoma

Iliana was a champion track and field athlete from her early childhood through the age of eighteen. Her love and passion for sports brought about her professional career, following the completion of her studies at the School of Physical Education and Sports Science. As a result of her specialisation on musculoskeletal conditions, she understands perfectly well how important orthosomy is, along with maintaining the full functionality of joints, all of which leads to the avoidance of injuries during training.The focus of Iliana’s program on Pilates/Mobility is to improve the body’s posture through the specialised strengthening of muscle groups which contribute to the correct anatomical position.

Throughout her career spanning already many years in the field of fitness, Iliana has extensively applied the technique of Pilates/Mobility to dozens of trainees. The results on both the anatomical and technical level have been incredibly positive and this has made her program very popular in the circles of competitive fitness. Iliana believes that a correct anatomical position and motor ability not only form the base for the participation in all sports, but form also the basis for the functional daily life of all people.

Iliana’s motto: “When you focus on the good, the good gets better”.


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