Andreas Apostolaras

Since early childhood, Andreas has been an avid athlete, while exercising has always been an integral part of his daily routine. Andreas ventured into the world of professional gyms at the age of 18, and through his early association with various such gyms, quickly built up his profile as a hands-on, accomplished trainer with a very unique approach towards personal coaching.

Throughout his extensive experience over the years, Andreas has served as a personal trainer for hundreds of people and has helped them develop both in body and in mind, always helping them become a better version of their own self. In assembling a team of top notch trainers-associates and with the sole goal of motivating as many people as possible to try out the world of fitness, he has created the safest and most effective training method ever devised.

Andreas’ favourite MOTTOs: “We are what we routinely do.” “Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it.”


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