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Be competitive, conquer Throwdown and reach the top of the Games podium!

To be an Athlete means exceeding your limits on a daily basis and constantly re-evaluating what you are truly capable of.

In ATPLab Training we help you develop the right mindset; that of a champion. Each day consists of six elements in this order: Warm-up, Weightlifting, Conditioning, Accessory training, Strength & Gymnastics, Engine. Each element is constantly varied according to a full season training schedule, specifically designed to reveal your full athletic potential. This will be followed by one day of active recovery and one rest day.

Our mobile APP creates the best possible conditions for you to reach the highest level. Direct communication with the coaches and co-athletes, live leaderboard, full training record are only some of the benefits.


  • Access to ATPLab APP
  • Access to the video library
  • Training resources (Swimming, Aerobic capacity, Strength cycle, Weightlifting cycle, Gymnastics cycle, Competition week, Deload week, Mindset)
  • 20% off to Training Camps
  • Nutrition Plans (Basic, Vegetarian)
  • Calorie-balance Options per Nutition Plan


  • Olympic Barbell
  • Dumbbells
  • Ketllebells
  • Jump Rope
  • Pull-up Bar
  • High and low Rings
  • Plyo Box
  • Μedicine Balls
  • Row-erg, Ski-erg, Bike-erg
  • Assault or Echo bike
  • Yoke, Sled (not mandatory)

ΑTPLab Training is more than just an app for working out. It is your own online gym that will take your fitness to the next level and boost your confidence!