Veronika Giannakou

Veronica has been involved in sports since the age of six, having initially trained in swimming which she subsequently combined with ballet dancing until the age of 15. At the age of 18 she started training in gyms, and following many trials and some errors, she came to the conclusion that with a sound combination of targeted exercises and adequate planning, she would, without doubt, be able to create an ideal body while in parallel working on her conditioning. This realisation lead her to decide to channel her love for exercising and coaching, into a career, which is why she enrolled at the National Academy of Sports Medicine and gained her accreditation as a Fitness Trainer.

Further, through her experience and knowledge base, she created the HOME program, which she believes provides women with the tools and incentives needed for a healthy body and a sound life style. Her personal goal is to encourage people to embrace their individuality and to try to become a better version of themselves, both in body and spirit.

Veronica’s MOTTO: “All changes start on the day you start loving yourself”.


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