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What about the FITNESS

Fitness is an effective and easy-to-follow training schedule that you can do in the gym, your house, your favorite outdoor place, or wherever you might feel like sweating it out. How is this possible?


We provide you with 6 programs to choose from depending on your goals. Each one contains different exercises and equipment so that you can select the one that better suits your needs each and every day. If you are a strictly oriented individual concerning training, you can commit to one of the programs. If you are excited about following entirely different routines each day, then you can freely switch among the given programs based on your mood and training environment. All are created to be exciting, make you fitter, boost your mood and improve your looks.


GYM for MEN: this program is all about training in a gym. Weights like barbells, dumbbells, bands, and everything that is provided in a commercial gym form the basis of this option. You can create the fit and strong body you ever dreamed off through bodybuilding exercises, in the gym of your neighborhood.


BURN: a program that aims to burn excess calories, reduce your body fat and improve your overall fitness. It consists of a wide variety of functional exercises that will highly elevate intensity and energy levels. This program can be performed in the gym, at home, or outdoors as it requires minimal equipment such as bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, jump rope, mat.


CROSS TRAIN: the basis of this program is functional training. Olympic weightlifting, Gymnastic exercises, Workout, and HIIT sessions will make you stronger, fitter, and create a functional body capable of anything.


ABS & GLUTES: this option is created to sculpt the six-pack that every man wants and the glutes every woman desires. It can be a suitable addition to each of the Gym/Home/Cross programs that will boost the development of these specifically targeted body areas.


GYM for WOMEN: This program is a strength and fitness program that addresses the needs of the modern woman concerning health, wellness and beauty. Whether you are new to Fitness or have experience with other training forms, this program will surprise you with its effectiveness. It is designed to adjust to the level of each trainee. Build the body and fitness you have always dreamed of in less than 4 hours of training per week.


PILATES HOME: This program is a comprehensive training method.   All exercises are performed through the use of your body weight or with very little equipment and without placing any strain on your body.  This form of exercising is targeted towards everyone, regardless of  age, sex or level of conditioning.


Our mobile APP creates the best possible conditions for you to train and improve each and every day.

Who is FITNESS for?

Fitness Training is for anyone who wants to be healthier, more active and needs flexibility in their training routine and a quality training program to complete fast and efficiently during their daily schedule.

What do I get with FITNESS?
  • Access to ATPLab APP
  • Access to the video library
  • 6 training programs
  • 5 training sessions per week
  • 3 portions per session
  • Video Notes & options
  • Training resources (Aerobic capacity, Swimming)
What about the PERFORM?

The PERFORM Program includes two training modules, which are updated by Andreas Apostolaras on a weekly basis:

The COMPETE module which is directed towards athletes that compete in CrossFit games on a local level or towards those trainees who prefer a competitive format in their trainings, and

The BRUTUS module which is essentially Andreas’ daily practice routine.



This is a combination of strength and cardiorespiratory endurance.  Strength, speed, precision, flexibility and stamina, are some of the skills you will improve on through unique workouts which will make you feel better than ever.  The volume and structure of the program has been designed so that all participants improve on their skills, regardless of their level of physical conditioning.

Each training session includes active warm-up and weightlifting exercises, in addition to gymnastics exercises, while the workout-of-the-day concludes with accessory exercises or core-strengthening exercises whose aim is to train individual muscle groups in the most efficient manner.



This is the daily training routine of Andreas Apostolaras and it combines the more traditional training approaches (bodybuilding), with functional training.  Each training session starts off with strengthening exercises  (pulleys, gym equipment and free weights).  It then continues with functional training and an emphasis on form, and concludes with aerobic endurance.

This program is designed for those of you who want to build up muscle mass, work on flexibility and core strengthening, while at the same time maintaining cardiorespiratory endurance at high levels.


Our mobile APP creates the best possible conditions for you to reach the higher level. Direct communication with the coaches and co-athletes, live leaderboard, full training record are only some of the benefits.

Who is PERFORM for?

Perform Training is for individuals who are already engaged in fitness, are familiar with functional training and want to upgrade their training routine with a more exciting and higher quality training program.

What do I get with PERFORM?
  • Access to ATPLab APP
  • Access to the video library
  • 5 training sessions per program
  • 4 portions per session
  • Notes & options
  • Training resources (Strength cycle, Aerobic capacity, Weightlifting cycle, Gymnastics cycle)
What about the ATHLETE?

To be an Athlete means exceeding your limits on a daily basis and constantly re-evaluating what you are truly capable of.


In ATPLab Training we help you develop the right mindset; that of a champion. Each day consists of six elements in this order: Warm-up, Weightlifting, Conditioning, Accessory training, Strength & Gymnastics, Engine. Each element is constantly varied according to a full season training schedule, specifically designed to reveal your full athletic potential. This will be followed by one day of active recovery and one rest day.


Our mobile APP creates the best possible conditions for you to reach the highest level. Direct communication with the coaches and co-athletes, live leaderboard, full training record are only some of the benefits.

Who is ATHLETE for?

Athlete Training is targeted towards those who aim to participate in local competitions, the Open or Semifinal events and fight for a position in the Games. It is a full scale, high volume training program made for athletes who want to compete at the highest level. Nevertheless, one doesn’t have to be a professional athlete in order to follow it. The elasticity of the structure and the numerous given options make it suitable for even the most novice competitor to adjust, work properly and improve drastically.

What do I get with ATHLETE?
  • Access to ATPLab APP
  • Access to the video library
  • Training resources (Swimming, Aerobic capacity, Strength cycle, Weightlifting cycle, Gymnastics cycle, Competition week, Deload week, Mindset)
  • 20% off to training camps
What equipment do Ι need for the ATHLETE and the PERFORM Training?

All you need is access to equipment provided by any standard Box or Functional Fitness Facility such as Assault bike, GHD Machine, Dumbbells, D-balls, Row machine, Kettlebells etc. Additionally, for the “Athlete” a wide variety of ergometric machines might be needed.

How do I choose which training program is for me?

You can watch the introductory videos of each training program either in the “learn more section” of each program on the website or in the main section of the ATPLab APP.


It all comes down to what your goals are, what you want to focus on and how much time you can invest in your training.

How do I get my training program?

All accessible by your subscription training programs will be available in the ATPLab APP & web platform.


Once you download the ATPLab APP create an account and purchase one of the programs, you will get a confirmation mail and a receipt to your subscribed mail. Go in ATPLab app or visit the online platform and use your mail and the password to log in. Your training plan will be visible on your dashboard.

When to expect my training program?

The weekly program is online every Sunday evening, 19:00 GREECE TIME, UTC + 2.

How does billing work?

Membership is activated once you register at ATPLab Training and subscribe in a training program. Upon completion of your purchase, your subscription will be valid for 30 calendar days. During this period you will have unlimited access to your training program. Your subscription will renew automatically. Should you wish to stop following our training programs cancel your subscription in your profile.

Where can I refer to if I face a problem?

You can contact the management by email

How do I interact with the team?

The ATPLab APP gives you unlimited communication with the team and your co-athletes. You can chat with the coaches, post your scores, results and comments and those will be directly uploaded and saved to your journal where coaches can review.


ΑTPLab Training is more than just an app for working out. It is your own online gym that will take your fitness to the next level and boost your confidence!