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General tips:

This is a weekly schedule for those looking to try out the online qualifiers of Athens Throwdown and compete for a spot in the Finals in Athens!



1st Session: 20.1

2nd Session: Strength/Gymnastics


1st Session: Engine up to 75-80% of max effort

2nd Session: Weightlifting


1st Session: 20.2

2nd Session: Strength/Gymnastics


Swimming or easy pace running


1st Session: 20.3

2nd Session: Engine


Full Session



There will be an additional two weeks time until the deadline so if the plan doesn’t work for you on your first attempt, you will have plenty of time to redo any of the 3 qualifiers.

Remember to always record your attempts (video footage) even if your goal is just to test the workout.


Every 4 minutes for 12 minutes (3 sets) of

600/450 meters, Row

24 single arm kettlebell hang snatches


Max reps, Box jumps overs 60/50cm height


You start on the rower, continue with the snatches and then go for as many reps as possible of BJOs.

When the timer goes 4:00 you start the 2nd set and when it goes 8:00, the 3rd set. The focus of the workout is on the Box jumps over, those reps will form the score and this is where you have to be the most efficient. Make sure you use every second of each 4 minute time frame for BJOs, then go straight to the rower. The kettlebell snatches will feel heavy but not that heavy to force you break more than needed and lose time. Have in mind that you should perform well in all 3 sets.


The rower is where you recover, where you regulate your breathing and gather strength for the next mini sprint. The recommended pace should be at 2km PR pace + 5-7 seconds with no more than 27-28 strokes per minute.

The kettlebell snatches need some caution, if you have weak forearms you might consider making smooth transition between arms in order to continue moving without dropping the weight. The best option is 1st set-strong arm, 2nd set-weak arm, 3rd set-strong arm (Option 2: break 3rd round into 2 sets-strong/weak, Option 3: break each round into 2 sets).

Once done with the snatches go straight into the box jumps overs maintaining a fast steady pace, if you are comfortable with touch & go then go all in for it, if not, prefer the safe step-down technique as long as your pace is fast and steady.


Elite Men: 80+ Reps

Elite Women: 50+ Reps

Scale Men: 60+ Reps

Scale Women: 30+ Reps

Masters Men: 50+ Reps

Masters Women: 30+ Reps


For time

50 toes to rings

30 wall-ball shots 9/6kg

40 burpees touch the rings

30 chest to bar pull-ups

50 wall-balls 9/6kg

Cap: 15


This is a chipper style workout, your score is the time it took you to complete all reps or the made reps until the time cap. For top athletes the pace of the burpees will make the difference (all other exercises should be performed unbroken) while for most of the athletes the plan will be to break the exercises into sets that will allow them to keep moving efficiently. Generally the workout before the burpees will be more manageable, and after the burpees more challenging (keeping up with your planned pace). The trick is on the burpees, the height of the rings should be your extending hand while you are standing tall on the ground and on your toes. The shorter the jump, the faster the pace (one point jump will be enough).


If you are a lightweight athlete and/or with a strong midline, you will be able and should go the toes to bar unbroken, otherwise break them into 2-3 manageable sets with minimum rest between.

The first wall-ball set is the easiest part of the workout and should be performed unbroken, even more, if you previously broke the toes to bars into more than 1 set. The burpees is where the struggle begins, your heart rate will be already high but you will have to be consistent on your pace, with the harder mediator being technical, the contact with the rings. Prefer to touch the rings with the exterior side of your hand and make sure you dont hit them! You dont want them to start moving all over the place. Finishing the burpees within 2 minutes is the goal pace. The deal once you are done with the burpees is to push hard and go unbroken for as long as possible.

If your chest to bar pull-up Max rep set is 40+ reps then go for the unbroken, if not break into small manageable sets with minimum rest between (less than 5 seconds).

The last wall-balls is the “no thinking, keep pushing” part. Go unbroken and if for some reason you break, pick up the ball as soon as you can and immediately continue!


Elite Men: Sub 8 minutes

Elite Women: Sub 9 minutes

Scale Men: Sub 10 minutes

Scale Women: Sub 11 minutes

Masters Men: Sub 9 minutes

Masters Women: Sub 10 minutes

20.3a & 20.3b

A. Complete As Many Reps As Possible in 5 Minutes of

5 deadlifts 120/80kg

10 thrusters 50/35kg

Rest 3′

B. Complete As Many Reps As Possible in 5 Minutes of

15 meters, Hand stand walk

15 meters, Front rack lunges 50/35kg


This is a double task workout, the 1st (A) score is the total reps within 5 minutes of the deadlifts and thrusters, the 2nd (B) score is the total reps (2,5 meters=1 rep) within 5 minutes of hand stand walk and lunges.



The key is to maintain a steady tempo, the transitions between exercises should be smooth (not rushing), short (less than 7 seconds) and equal throughout the 5 minutes. The gaol time in each round is respectively sub-50 seconds.

Ideally go the deadlifts unbroken, if the weight is heavy for you, prefer to go drop & go at a solid, steady pace.

We recommend that you break the thrusters from the start into 7+3 or 6+4 reps with short rest between in order to be consistent until the end.


Elite Men: 6+ rounds

Elite Women: 5+ rounds

Scale Men: 6+ rounds

Scale Women: 5+ rounds

Masters Men: 6 rounds

Masters Women: 5 rounds



Move fast on your hands (hand stand walk). The shorter you are standing on your hands, the less you tax your shoulders and forearms. Consider also that after the first part your upper body will be fatigued. What we recommend is that you break into 7,5 meter unbroken distances, move fast and take short rest. Nevertheless have in mind that each 2,5 meters is assigned 1 rep so dont hesitate to go for the 2,5 meters if the whole 7,5 distance seems impossible (prefer to complete portions of 2,5 meters than rest more and go for the 7,5 meters).

The lunges will be the most grinding part, put up more effort to go the 7,5 meter distance unbroken. Be confident, move steadily pushing one step at a time and try to keep equal, short rest between 7,5-meter portions.


Elite Men: 4+ rounds

Elite Women: 3+ rounds

Scale Men: 4+ rounds

Scale Women: 4+ rounds

Masters Men: 3 rounds

Masters Women: 2+ rounds

Hopefully the tips were useful and helped you reach the desirable score you were asking for!

Best of Luck

The ATPLab Team


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