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A45 offers you a training schedule that you can follow anywhere you want, in the gym or a box, at home or at your favorite outdoor spot. The program offers 3 different choices for you to select depending on your mood, your training place or the available equipment.


• The bodyweight program is based on bodyweight exercises and the only equipment you need is a mat and complementary a jump rope.


• The basic program is based on exercises with minimum equipment. A pair of dumbbells, a kettlebell, a mat and a jump rope are all you need to complete it.


• The full program contains exercises of all kinds of equipment that you can find in a gym such as barbells, pull-up bar and ergometric machines. 


All you need to follow the program is 45 minutes of your daily time.

A90 is essentially the training routine that Apostolaras programs for himself and follows daily to stay fit and healthy. The volume and structure are made to improve the capabilities of athletes regardless of their fitness level. While the program is excellent for making you fitter, Apostolaras is very thorough on providing a fun and exciting training routine that will keep you daily motivated and eager to train. 


Andrea’s training program is accompanied with two complementary programs:


• The Weightlifting program for individuals who want to perform better in barbell relative workouts, become comfortable with lifting heavy weights and crush their lifting PRs.


• The Gymnastics program for individuals who want to be efficient and confident with demanding bodyweight exercises. Build upper body strength and improve their gymnastic skills.


Athletes is a full scale, high volume, interactive training program made for athletes who want to compete at the highest level. If you are thorough and demanding with your training then this is the program for you. The quality, the tailored details and the incredible functionality that SugarWOD offers are what makes it special. Nevertheless, you dont have to be a professional athlete in order to follow it. The elasticity of the structure and the numerous given options make it suitable for even the most novice competitor to adjust, work properly and improve drastically.



All you need is access to equipment provided by any standard Box or Functional Fitness Facility such as Assault bike, Ghd Machine, Dumbbells, D-balls, Row machine, Kettlebells etc.


• You can use the Athletes Program for a 7-day free trial. Sign up at ATPLab Training using your email, you will get a confirmation mail with an access code for SugarWOD. You will be granted 7-day full access, during this period you will be able to use the site & the SugarWOD app exactly as you would in full membership.


• You can watch a Demo of the A45 & the A90 training inside the “learn more” section of each program.


It all comes down to what your goals are, what you want to focus on and how much time you can invest in your training

It is our deliberate decision that, although it is convenient to renew your monthly subscriptions automatically and it may be handy to many of you, to avoid this automatic procedure. The reason is that we want your subscription renewal to be knowingly done by each one of you in avoidance of any misunderstandings.


Instead of that, we provide the choice to subscribe for 3-months or 12-months (yearly) for those who want to avoid the monthly resubscription. The duration of these periods is ideal for a short (periodic) or long (seasonal) training cycle.

A45 is for anyone who wants to be healthier, more active and needs flexibility in their training routine and a quality training program to complete fast and efficiently during their daily schedule.


A90 is for athletes who are already engaged in fitness, are familiar with Functional Training and want to upgrade their training routine with a more exciting and quality training program.

The Athletes program is targeted towards those who aim to participate in local competitions, the Open or Semifinal Events and fight for a position in the Games.

Athletes training will be available in the ATPLab Training-Athletes Lab page or in the SugarWOD- ATPLab Training gym app & platform.

Once you sign up (Trial week or Membership) you will get a confirmation mail with an access password for SugarWOD and an info mail. Download the SugarWOD app or visit the online platform and use your mail and the given password to log in. You are automatically a member of the ATPLab Training gym, your gym option will be available in the SugarWOD gyms “drawer”!


Important: The SugarWOD and the ATPLab Training site mail should be the same. If you have already subscribed with this mail in SugarWod you are automatically granted access to ATPLab training, if not make sure you LOG IN. If you sign up for a second time will not be granted access due to incorrect synchronisation.

Our collaboration with SugarWOD offers you the best interaction with the program and top communication with the team and co-athletes. There will be slots where you can insert your scores and comments. Total record of your results and prs and a Leaderboard where you can compare scores and find where you stand among the members.


Here are some links provide by SugarWOD with useful info on how to:

The weekly program is online every Sunday evening, 19:00 GREECE TIME, UTC + 2.


Video Language Greek / English subtitles


Video Language Greek / English subtitles

• Membership is activated once you register at ATPLab Training Main Site. Upon registering, your subscription will be valid for 30 calendar days. During this period you will have unlimited access to your training program. To make it stress free for you, your subscription will not renew automatically. Should you wish to continue with further training programs, you will have to renew on a monthly basis.


• Access to SugarWOD-ATPLab Training will correspond to access to ATPLab Training Main Site.

There are two ways to interact with the coaching team:


• On the SugarWOD App where you can post your scores, results and comments and those will be directly uploaded to your journal and the databases that coaches have access to.


• In the Facebook group where you get to see announcements concerning the program, info of competitions, videos of movements included in the program and/or be asked to post your own videos of exercises, lifts or skills.

Through interactions with the group, you are being offered a direct connection with the coaches and your co-athletes. This helps you place your performance in the right context and offers a comparison and benchmark of your performance against that of your co-athletes and of course against the views of the coaches. In order to gain full benefits of the Facebook group you have to be active. Share your results, thoughts and questions with the team and help us create a stronger and substantial bond of communication.


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