Weightlifting is an art that requires hard work and time to notice actual improvement. In the weightlifting program, we focus on techniques and strengthening exercises that will give you the extra boost that you need. Build your confidence, become more efficient with the barbell, lift easier and heavier. 


This program is for individuals who want to perform better in barbell relative workouts, become comfortable with lifting heavy weights and crush their lifting PRs! You will have 4 training sessions per week, each including strengthening exercises (such as back squat or press) or technical weightlifting movements (such as snatch or clean & jerk).


Use it in a period dedicated to weightlifting or include it in your training schedule as a valuable weightlifting addition!


  • 4 weightlifting sessions per week
  • Daily notes
  • Access to the video library


A. Squat snatch %
1×2 @ 60%
1×2 @ 70%
2×2 @ 75%
2×2 @ 80%
1×1 @ 85%
1×1 @ 90%

B. Complex
2 power cleans (drop and go) + 1 jerk
Daily Max

C. Front squat %
3×4 @ 85%
2×2 @ 92%