What is calorie balance? (Greek Translation)

Energy or Calorie Balance

The energy or calorie balance in the human body is defined as the balance between energy intake and consumption. We can have a positive balance when the calories we take in are more than we consume, a negative when the opposite happens, while we say that we are in energy balance when these calories we take and the one we consume are equal. Kilocalorie is the energy currency of our metabolism. Our body tends to maintain, as much as possible, an energy balance due to homeostatic regulation. Metabolism tends to adapt to small deviations in energy intake and consumption in the long term. Most people, if they do not drastically change their lifestyle, usually maintain similar weight levels throughout their lives.


Warm up and recovery

The importance of the warm up and recovery, and how they should look like!

Warm up (για Ελληνικά σύρετε κάτω)

Warm-up is the first thing you need to do before a workout, whether it is a bodyweight workout or a 5km run in the park. But which is the ideal warm-up? A proper warm-up should increase body temperature, adequately bleed the tendons, relax the joints and prepare the mind for exercise.

To achieve that you must follow a specific routine lasting 15-25 minutes depending on your athletic level and always in relation to the main part of the training.


Sport injuries and how to deal with them!

Sport Injuries

Injury is unavoidable in every athlete’s career. There are minor injuries (sprains, bruises, cuts etc) that could only cause discomfort and severe injuries (achilles tendon tear, hamstring injuries, torn meniscus etc)The more severe injuries could lead to loss of professional opportunities, such as competitions, and negatively affect the psychology of the athlete. Although an injury is as stated before “unavoidable” at some point in an athlete’s career that doesn’t mean nothing can’t be done about it. 



With the rise in popularity of crossfit in recent years, there has come a strong focus – on the part of athletes – to optimise performance. As such, attention seems to naturally shift on the improvement of energy levels. The multidisciplinary nature of crossfit (which includes aerobic exercising, gymnastics routines and weightlifting), increases the level of difficulty, particularly as this relates to the support required on the nutritional level.


The 2020 Open Recap

With the Open period just concluded, and everyone waiting for the announcement of the qualifying spots for the Games through the Top 20 & National Champion finishers, it is time for the debriefing. Below follow some notes and inferences regarding this season’s Open procedure, and the course we should expect it to have in the future.