CrossFit Open
Workout 20.3

For time:
21 deadlifts (weight 1)
21 handstand push-ups
15 deadlifts (weight 1)
15 handstand push-ups
9 deadlifts (weight 1)
9 handstand push-ups
21 deadlifts (weight 2)
50-ft. handstand walk
15 deadlifts (weight 2)
50-ft. handstand walk
9 deadlifts (weight 2)
50-ft. handstand walk
Men: deadlift 225 lb. then 315 lb.
Female: deadlift 155 lb. then 205 lb.
Time cap: 9 minutes

The 20.3 workout is out and is a familiar qualifier back from 2018 !

This is a combination of Deadlifts and Hand Stand exercises which were both expected to be seen sooner or later in the competition.
In this one you need to have not only strength but also skills! The main thing you should consider is how to break the Deadlifts in order to push through the total volume as fast as possible and of course you have to be able to walk on your hands efficiently under pressure and fatigue.

Warm-up: You will have to make sure that you have primed your back properly for the Deadlifts. Spent time working on your hip hinge mobility and get your middle line ready for the challenge. Another thing concerning mobility would be to focus on the overhead position. Work on the shoulder flexion and reach the range of motion that will make you feel comfortable.
We suggest that you get your heart pumping on an erg and practice the exercises with caution, getting too much into the intensity and volume of the workout may tax you and cost on your performance.

Tactics: You have to come up with a plan, which will be much easier in a case of a redo or if you have tried the 18.4 qualifier in 2018. Break the Deadlifts smartly in order to follow the most efficient path to manageable Hand Stand walks and a fast time (score). The scores of this year’s workout will probably be faster of an average of 30 seconds. So consider that in order to be competitive you have to complete the workout in 7 and a half minutes or less. In the second part your heart rate will be at its highest, and it should be! The toughest and more important thing is to be strong and consistent on your Deadlift sets.
Be serious concerning the movement standards and always perform good reps!

Movements: The deadlifts of the first couplet should be performed fast, yet, you have to keep in mind the second and heavier couplet. Top performance will come with unbroken sets of lightweight Deadlifts and some inevitable breaks on the heavy Deadlifts. The heavy Deadlifts is where you will feel the brute force of the workout. Probably you will have to break if you struggle, so prefer to do small sets but in any case you should have as top priority to keep your rest really short.
On the hand stand push ups, be fast and technical in order to move quickly! You can start with really fast strict hand stand push ups and continue with kipping. Keep your shoulders fully extended and your heels higher than your toes. The point that the heel touches the wall is what the judge is looking for .
The first hand stand walk attempt will feel hard and uncomfortable, but you will have to stay calm and find your form without hesitation. Build your confidence by moving steadily in the beginning, for example the first 25 feet distance, and then start moving faster. Dont rush going in the first hand stand walk distance, although in the next ones you should go straight from the Deadlifts into the hand stand walk.

Your back might feel stiff afterwards, take care of your body, rest and get your self ready for the next one! There are 2 more left to go!

Best of success!