The 2019 Open Prep Camp is now in the books and here is the recap!

The camp took place on a hot sunny weekend (28-29/9) in Athens CrossFit Comradery, the most suitable box for our camp and our expectations.

It all started in the front yard, where the participants (26 in number) gathered in the big table and one by one were called to check in and get their ATPLab bag ,T-shirt and name tags.

The first to take the seat was Head Coach Panos Polyzas who informed the participants what to expect in the 2-day Camp and gave an official start at 15:00.

The opening subject was “Competitors Programming / Open preparation”.

Panos started with the 2019-20 changes of the CrossFit Games & Qualification structure (the Open procedure, the Sanctionals and the Games) and shared tips and thoughts of what we believe is the optimal Daily and Seasonal training schedule.

The next one to speak was our weightlifting coach Chris Hotzaras who initially focused his speech on proper weightlifting technique and form and then gave instructions on the first 2 workouts of the day which involved clearly the weightlifting element.

Questions were asked and answered, while warm-up started at 17:00!

Each event was divided into 4 heats of 6-7 individuals, and were called to the warm-up area where coach Michael Mexis would give instructions of how-to warm up and recover properly!

After the athlete’s warm up, Panos called each heat to the Competition floor according to the schedule.

The first event started at 17:30:

“Lifting under fatigue”

For Time

100 bar-facing burpees over


1 Rep Max Snatch

Cap: 12 minutes

Score A: Time of burpees

Score B: Lifted KG

A double task workout that gave many the chills on their first lifting attempt but gave all of us many thrills as we saw some really heavy lifts taking place.

Alex Kotoulas took first place in the burpees finishing in the amazing time of 4:06!

Antonis Giakoumi won the second task with an impressive 120kg lift and was followed by Giorgos Karavis and Alex Kotoulas at 115kg, Thelma Christoforou, our girl champion achieved a solid 77,5kg lift!

The time was 18:45 and the heats went straight in to the second event, a demanding CrossFit workout known to everyone as:

“Heavy Grace”

For time

30 clean & jerks 100kg

Cap: 10 minutes

After some scaling down, every athlete was able to perform the workout with excitement and enjoy every second.

The guidance of coach Chris was valuable as we saw many good performances but the one that really stood out was this of George Karavis who finished it in 3:50.

Pretty impressive..

The time was 19:45, the weightlifting part of the camp was over and everyone could get a small rest to chat and enjoy a healthy meal from Pure Fitness Meals.

Next to speak to the athletes was our Gymnastics coach Thanasis Kosmidis.

The subject was the level of involvement of Gymnastics in Competitive Fitness and the emphasis was given at the importance of technique and how it leads to consistency and top performance.

Mr Thanasis finished the lesson with some tips on movements such as hand stand walk and chest to bar pull-ups and everyone was ready to start the 3rd and last event of the first day.

“The skill master”

For time

30 kipping hand stand push-ups

60 meters, Single arm db overhead lunges 25/15kg

50 box-jumps over 60/50cm

30 strict hand stand push-ups

60 meters, Hand stand walk

Cap: 10 minutes

This event was a race to the finish and the best score was a tie between Giorgos and Alex who hit the cap just 3 meters before the finish line.

The first day ended at 22:00 with a big applause, many high-fives and everyone headed home to get some rest for the second day.

Sunday, as sunny and hot as the previous day, started with the first athletes checking in at 9:30. By 10:00 everyone had taken their seats for the rowing lesson.

Coach Giorgos Gioupis talked about the proper position on the rower, the mechanics and the importance of adjusting the ergometer’s functions before every session. Surprisingly there were some very interesting questions asked showing the lack of knowledge many athletes have about the ergometers they use daily in their training.

The time was 11:00 and as the rowing instructions, the last lesson of the camp was over everyone headed to the warm up area and events 4 & 5 of the second day began:

“Mixed Rowing”

For time

5 rounds of

100 double-unders

20/15 calories, Row

20 wall-balls 9/6kg

Cap: 20 minutes

In this one the competition was strong with very tight scores with athletes Giorgos Karavis and Stella Christoforou taking first places. Straight after started the:

“Dual Couplets”

For time

24.18.12 reps of

Double kb shoulders to overhead 24/16kg

Chest to bar pull-ups


12.9.6 reps of

Double kb snatches 24/16kg

Kb facing burpees over

Cap: 8 minutes

This was a very demanding workout!

The athletes were already in the mood of a competitive state of mind!

Feeling the competition anxiety and body fatigue while controlling your mindset were the most important goals of this Camp.

Almost like a dress rehearsal, we wanted athletes to feel like they were in a Throwdown and create the essential psychological adaptations that would get them ready for the real thing!

The time was 14:00 and everyone was enjoying their lunch, taking a nap, recovering doing what is needed to ensure a strong performance in the 6th and final workout of the weekend.

Everyone had met, competed and were already comfortable with each other, you could clearly see people sharing opinions and experience, laughing, taking photos together and having fun.

The time was 15:00 and the title of the final:

The “Sprint”

For time

40 calories, Assault bike

20 ring muscle-ups

Cap: 4 minutes

This short, high intensity workout was the perfect closure to a very competitive weekend, the leaderboard was tight and everyone had a chance for a better position.

Athletes gave their best and reached their limits ending gasping for air but always with a smile!

Best score was 2:44 for Antonis Giakoumi, and a tie of 18 ring muscle-ups for Thelma and Stella Christoforou for the women.

The final rankings were on the board though everyone’s mind was on the after event tips, the photos and of cource the pizza & beers.

The director of ATPLab Training Andreas Apostolaras, made sure everything ran according to the plan through the weekend, called everyone in the front yard where the food was served.

Laughter, chats, shared dreams and goals for the season to come was the closure of the camp, athletes received their ATPLab camp diploma and headed home stronger, wiser and full of new experience.