CrossFit Open
Workout 20.5

For Time
40 Ring Muscle-Ups
80 calorie Row
120 Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lb)
Partition any way
Time Cap: 20 minutes

The 2020 Crossfit Open comes to an end with this creative, intriguing workout!
The 20.5 is something we didnt expect since in the past years, there was a tough demanding couplet in the last open workout!

Warm-up: First thing first, you should work on your hip mobility. Prime and open your hips, and make sure you can effortlessly squat on the wall-balls, while allowing yourself to row a little more comfortably (rowing drive). Next thing is the shoulders front rack mobility and rotation. Your shoulders during the wall-balls will have to be in this solid receive and press position and then immediately engage in a rotational motion during the muscle-ups, so make sure your shoulders are ready for both! Next, after you have done some practice on the exercises, go for some high intensity sets, in the same format as you have chosen to follow in the workout. The aim is to adjust your cardiovascular system and test your strategy, see how it goes and how it makes you feel.

Tactics: The first thing that comes in mind is what is the best way to break and divide the exercises. So the deal is that you have to break into sets that you will be able to perform unbroken and in the same time, ensure minimum rest between. We suggest small sets of muscle ups, bigger sets of rowing cals, and even bigger sets of wall-balls. The sequence of the exercises depends on how confident you feel with each movement, which movement motivates you to go faster and which not. Going with the descending reps style is a good plan. Descending reps give you the psychological advantage, making you feel getting closer to the finish, the volume is decreasing and its more doable to push harder. If you are going for top performance you have to be fast from the start, start strong and finish even stronger! If finishing inside the time cap is not the cace, then you might consider the tie-break. Focus on a couplet of row and wall-balls and complete it as fast as possible achieving a fast tie-break and then continue doing your best in the muscle-ups.

Movements: Try to break into as few rowing sets as possible, the rowing transitions cost time and you want to avoid that. The wall-ball fatigue differs among individuals. Those who are not comfortable with the movement are likely to increase their heart rate dramatically, those who are comfortable will be affected less on their overall performance. On the muscle ups, men will be capable of 4-5 sets whilst women for 6-8 sets. Prefer to start each round with the muscle ups and finish with rowing. It would be best to finish the workout with row as well, but keep in mind that if you push too hard and probably you will, then you wont be able to row at the pace you may have set, so going for more than 30 cals would be a risk. Keep the last set of row small and sprint.

Best of success to everyone in the Open and dont forget that there is an awesome season ahead of us!