CrossFit Open
Workout 20.4

For time:

30 box jumps
15 clean and jerks, 65/95lb.

30 box jumps
15 clean and jerks, 85/135lb.

30 box jumps
10 clean and jerks, 115/185lb.

30 single-leg squats
10 clean and jerks, 145/225lb.

30 single-leg squats
5 clean and jerks, 175/275lb.

30 single-leg squats
5 clean and jerks, 205/315lb.

Women 20-in. box/ Men 24-in. box

Time cap: 20 minutes

The 20.4 is a chipper and its the first time we see single-leg squats included in the Open exercises and heavy Clean & Jerks in a high intensity workout.

Warm-up: Work on hip and ankle mobility so that you make sure, primarily that you will be able to get comfortably on and of the box and secondarily, that you will have a properly prepared ankle dorsiflexion for the single-leg squats. Then work with the barbell, build up to a heavy load, depending on your PR, whether you go for the time to beat or for the PR lift you know what your heaviest lifts will be, so prime for those lifts. Practice the touch & go technique during your build-up (light weights), the only thing you don’t want is to start the first round with sloppy, unstable lifts.

Increasing intensity is the next step.

Do 2 sets of:

10 box jumps

5 Clean & Jerks

10 single-leg squats

5 Clean & Jerks

Rest as needed between

Use the weight of the second round (2nd weight). Move at the pace that you estimate you will maintain throughout the workout so that you get the actual feeling. Visualize how you manage efficiently with the middle and heavy weight, imagine yourself being solid on your lifts and really consistent on the rest between reps.

Tactics: Have your knee sleeves and your weightlifting belt with you: the first will be helpful on the single-leg squats and both on the heavy Clean & Jerks. Those looking to finish under the cap, should be done with the last set of single leg squats in 15 minutes or less, we estimate that the majority of competitive athletes will reach the heaviest barbell and wont be able to make a rep, so if you are confident that you will make even one succesful lift on the heavy weight then you have the advantage, dont rush and go for that lift. If you know that you won’t make it, then you should really go for the tie-break, meaning the time you will finish the 30 single-leg squats. The same tactic applies on the 4th and 5th weight. Knowing what you can lift and what you can’t is a good clue to start making your plan.

20.4 Open Announcement, Ben Smith’s splits

1st: 1:32

2nd: 3:42

3rd: 6:03

4th: 8:51

5th: 11:38

6th: 16:42

Movements: Move steadily on the box jumps, go either touch & go or with step down, stick to the style that you are comfortable with and gives you confidence. On the single leg squats probably your pace will not be the fast one that you are used to in your training, so instead of trying to go fast, prefer to make sure you move steadily, breath well and catch the opportunity to fill your lunges with oxygen. The clean & jerks is the exercise where the workout is really based on, go the 1st weight using touch & go technique in order to boost, from the 2nd weight and over the best and maybe only choice is to move by dropping the bar and taking the minimum necessary rest. The transition from the clean to the jerk has to be fast, ideally touch & go for the light and middle weights and the purpose for that is to hold the loaded barbell on your body as less as possible. The most efficient way to push through the total volume is to start with power cleans & power jerks and then switch to squat cleans & split jerks, you should expect a decrease in your pace, as you go heavy the focus will be more on a succesful solid lift rather than what you rest or your total time will be.

This is an interesting and more entertaining workout, so enjoy it!

Wish you top performance and many PRs!

Best of success!