10 Rounds For Time of:

  • 8 Ground-to-Overheads
  • 10 Bar-facing Burpees
  • 95lb/65lb

The 2020 CrossFit Open has just started!
The first Open workout has just been released with the 20.1 being a typical Crossfit couplet!
With our athletes Alex Kotoulas and Giorgos Karavis already made their first attempt, we are here to give you the first the tips on how to approach this workout!

Warm up: There are two things you have to focus on.
Practice the touch and go mechanics!
You will be called doing fast reps in the workout, so make sure you do them smoothly.
Increase your cardio respratory system to the ideal level, and practice some small sets of snatches and burpees over bar with 60 seconds rest between, in order to get the feeling of the pace.

Tactics: The key to this couplet is pace, since you have to be in constant motion!
Complete the first 2, 3 rounds not faster than 45-50 seconds per round and try to maintain a pace close to 95% of your max heart rate.
There is no other way to hit a top performance, than working on the red line for the whole 10 rounds.
Make sure you ll never cross that red line!
After the 6th round expect a reduction on your pace, but this is the point you have to endure, keep moving and finish strong.

Movements: Prefer to go with touch and go reps of power snatch!
If snatching is not what you are best at, touch and go power clean and jerks may be best for you.
Ideally make contact on the hips when pulling and drive the bar straight to the ground, in order to move as efficiently as possible.
The burpees are not that strict as previous years, step-up is allowed, landing with both feet is not necessary so there shouldn’t be a problem for anyone to pace.
Just pay attention to the two feet take off, so make sure you do that right!

Best of success for your first attempt!
Do your best, get the feeling, and note down your splits in a case of a redo!