Engine 15/02/2021 – 21/02/2021

4 sets of

AMRAP 8 Minutes of

Buy in: 100 double-unders


Assault bike, cal

Bar-facing burpees over

Rest 2 minutes betweens sets 

*1st: 7 cal/reps

**2nd: 8 cal/reps

***3rd: 9 cal/reps

****4th: 10 cal/reps



This session consists of 4 sets, each set is an 8-minute AMRAP. Start with 100 double-unders and continue with as many reps as you can of calories on the Assault bike and bar-facing burpees over. Add reps in each set as prescribed 1st. 7, 2nd 8, 3rd 9, 4th 10. Make sure you increase your pace with each next round with aim to achieve equal performance (rounds) in all sets.


Assault bike → row

A1. Run, 20 Minutes @ easy pace 


A2. 5 sets of

Run, 800 meters @ 3:55-4:45/km

Rest 3 minutes betweens sets 



Run 20 minutes at an easy pace and continue with some running drills (2 x 10 meters; butt kicks, power skips, high knees, side shuffles – 10 each arm & leg swings …etc). Each set is an 800-meter sprint. Select a pace within the given time frame that you can efficiently sustain in each set and throughout the session. Cool down with a 5 minute jog.

4 sets of

Row, 500 meters 

Ski, 500 meters 

Bike-erg, 1000 meters

*Start a new set every 12 minutes



Work for a total volume of about 45-48 minutes. Complete the triplet within 12 minutes and rest until the next 12 minute time frame starts again (each set is 12 minutes). Try to increase your pace with each set, move explosively on each erg and push quickly through the given meters. Transitions will play a big role on your performance, focus on fast transitions that will allow you complete each set fast and efficiently.


Ski run, 400 meters 

Bike-erg run, 400 meters 

A. 2 sets of 

Row, 500 meters @ 24 strokes/minute

Rest 2 minutes between 


B1. 4 sets of

Row, 1250 meters @ 24 strokes/min

Rest 2 minutes + 30 seconds 

Pace: 2km PR pace + 12 seconds


Rest 5 minutes 


B2. Row 400 meters as fast as possible 



Warm up by rowing 2 sets at light pressure and 24 strokes before you start the main session. In the main session try to achieve high and equal performance in each set, maintain a 2km PR pace + 12 seconds and make sure you keep 24 steady strokes. Finish the session with a 400-meter sprint, give it all you got to finish as fast as you can, strokes are free. Cool down rowing 500 meters at very light pressure.