Engine 23/11/2020 – 29/11/2020

3 sets of

Complete As Many Calories As Possible in 8 Minutes of

19 calories, Row

19 calories, Assault bike

Rest 2 minutes 



Spent 4 minutes on the rower and 2 minutes on the bike at an easy pace as warm up. Try to achieve high and equal performance in each set. Move steadily on the ergometers at a pace of 1350+ for men /1000+ for women on the rower and 67+ for men, 59+ RPM for women on the bike, try to breathe well throughout, and perform efficient transitions.


Assault bike → burpees 

5 rounds of

Run 800m @ moderate pace 

Run 400m @ very easy pace



Run 1600 meters at an easy pace as warm up and 400 meters after the main session at a very easy pace as cool down. In the main session run a total distance of 6000 meters, alternate between a fast pace at 4:15-4:45/km to a jogging pace. Progressively increase your pace in the fast portions until you reach a tempo within the given time-frame sustainable for 5 rounds, regulate your breathing when jogging.


5 → 4 rounds 

A. 10 rounds of

35 double-unders

9/7 calories, Ski-erg


Rest 5 minutes 


B. 10 rounds of

35 double-unders

9/7 calories, Bike-erg



The goal is to push efficiently through the 10 rounds of each portion. Go the double-unders unbroken and maintain a fast yet equal pace on the ski/bike between rounds. Focus on fast transitions between exercises. Once you have completed the biggest part of each portion (8+ rounds) start increasing your pace by being more explosive on the ergometers and shortening your transitions.


Ski-erg → row

Bike-erg → assault bike

A. 2 sets of 

Row, 500 meters @ 24 strokes/min

Rest 2 minutes between 


B1. 4 sets of

Row, 1250 meters @ 24 strokes/min

Rest 2 minutes & 30 seconds 

Pace: 2km PR pace + 12 seconds


Rest 5 minutes 


B2. Row 400 meters, As fast as possible 


C. Row 5 minutes @ easy pace



Row 2 sets of 500 meters with steady 24 strokes, free pace, as warm-up. In the main session try to achieve high performance in each set. Focus primarily on maintaining 24 strokes/min and secondarily achieving an approximately  2km PR pace + 12 seconds. The 400-meter sprint is free strokes, free pace. Row 25 minutes at very light pressure to cool down.

*This is a relative pace of your 2000-meter PR pace. It is recommended that you test the distance so you can find your ideal pace.