Gymnastics 11/01/2021 – 17/01/2021

A1. For form reps of

Strict pull-ups

Strict ring dips

*Vest 10/7kg


A2. For form reps of

Strict toes to bar

Kipping handstand push-ups

*Vest 10/7kg


A3. 5 sets of

15 meters, Handstand walk

Rest, 30 seconds

Max time, L-sit @ metal parallettes

Rest, 60 seconds



A1-A2. Working with the vest adds extra load and discomfort. Try to go each exercise unbroken, focus on full range of motion and give yourself sufficient time to rest between exercises. 

A3. Go for an unbroken 15-meter distance or 2×7,5m and continue with the max effort L-sit, push until failure.


A1-A2. 10.9.8 reps with vest – reps without vest or all sets without vest if you are not yet able to perform 10 unbroken reps with vest.

Strict pull-ups → assisted strict pull-ups (band)

Strict ring dips → ring push-ups

Strict toes to bar → strict toes to rings

Kipping handstand push-ups → push-ups hand release

A3. 15 → 10 → 7,5 meters of

Handstand walk → 10 reps of

Handstand shoulder taps

L-sit → L-sit with bent knees

B1. 8 sets of

1 rope climb leg-less 4,5 meters

2 ring muscle-ups

3 ring dips

Rest 30 seconds between sets


B2. 7 sets of

1 peg-board ascent

2 toes to bar

3 bar muscle-ups

Rest 30 seconds between sets


B3. 6 sets of

5 strict deficit handstand push-ups*

10 v-ups

30 seconds, Hollow hold



B1-B2. Build consistency, go straight from the muscle-ups/toes to bar in to the ring dips/bar muscle-ups. You need to achieve a steady performance in every round, dont rush and pace your transitions.

B3. *Add a 20cm elevation (plates). 


B1. Leg-less → 1/2 rope leg-less + 1/2 rope regular → regular rope climbs

Ring muscle-ups → chest to rings pull-ups

Ring dips → parallel dips

B2. Peg-board → 1/2 peg-board ascent → 3 reps of

Strict peg-board pull-ups

Toes to bar → knees to chest

Bar muscle-ups → chest to bar pull-ups

B3. Strict deficit handstand push-ups → deficit pike push-ups → regular pike push-ups

C1. For form reps of

Ring pull-ups

Strict ring dips from muscle-up


C2. For form reps of

Ring push-ups

15 meters, Handstand walk


C3. For time reps of

Toes to bar

Single-leg squats



C1-C2. The goal is to endure the total volume of each round, go unbroken (if you struggle break between exercises). After each set of ring pull-ups perform a ring muscle-up and continue with the ring dips. Focus on your form and full range of motion and keep in mind that the real challenge is to walk efficiently after all the upper body targeted workload (2×7,5 unbroken distances).

C3. Move at a steady or increasing pace, as you reach the finish and reps descent you should grow confident. Ideally go unbroken, if you are not comfortable with toes to bar break the first rounds into a big and a smaller set.


C1. If you struggle with the muscle-up, perform a ring transition on the lower rings and then proceed to the strict ring dips.

C2. 15 → 10 → 7,5 meters of

Handstand walk → handstand shoulder taps

C3. Singe-leg squats → narrow squats