Gymnastics 15/02/2021 – 21/02/2021

A1. For form

10 rounds of

3 strict toes to bar

5 kipping pull-ups

7 strict parallel dips

*Vest 10/7kg


A2. For form

10 rounds of

3 strict ring pull-ups

5 kipping toes to rings 

7 rings push-ups

*Vest 10/7kg


A3. Core Strength reps of

GHD sit-ups

GHD hip extensions 

*Vest 10/7kg



A1-A2. Focus on quality of movement. Go each exercise with proper form and under control (ideally toes to bar & kipping pull-ups / ring pull-ups and toes to rings as complex).

A3. Go each exercise unbroken for as long as possible. Short transitions, steady pace.


A1-A2. 10 → 8 → 6 rounds 

Maintain the vest for as long as you can perform unbroken each exercise.

A3. — → reps of

GHD sit-ups → regular weighted sit-ups

GHD hip extension → weighted good mornings 

B1. Complex 

5 sets of

4 butterfly chest to bar pull-ups

2 bar muscle-ups

4 butterfly pull-ups

Rest as needed between sets


B2. Practice 

Free handstand hold


B3. For form

25 strict handstand push-ups

20 meters, Handstand walk

20 strict handstand push-ups

20 meters, Handstand walk

15 strict handstand push-ups

20 meters, Handstand walk

10 strict handstand push-ups

20 meters, Handstand walk

5 strict handstand push-ups


B4. Core stamina

150 hollow rocks

*Every break 30 seconds elbows plank



B1. Focus on smooth and technical transitions between exercises. If Complex is not possible? go unbroken for as long as proper form allows.

B2. Spent 10-15 minutes practising the hand stand hold. Work within 1 square meter.

B3. Go for one big and then 2-3 smaller sets of hand stand push-ups, in each set try to avoid failure. Then relax your shoulders take a 10-15 seconds rest and go for efficient and fast hand stand walks. Break into 10 meter distances.

B4. Focus on form. Try to perform big sets and then immediate transitions to better stimulate your core. Rest for a while before you proceed again to the hollow rocks.


B1. 4 → 3 → 2 reps of

Butterfly chest to bar pull-ups → kipping chest to bar pull-ups → pull-ups

2 → 1 rep of

Bar muscle-ups → chest to bar pull-ups

B2. Handstand hold progressions 

B3. → → reps of

Strict handstand push-ups → pike push-ups (feet on box)

20 → 15 → 10 meters of

Handstand walk → 10 handstand shoulders taps 

C1. For time reps of

Ring muscle-ups

30 meters, Handstand walk between sets

Cap: 11 minutes


C2. For time

6.5.4 reps of

Rope climbs 4,5 meters

8 metal parallettes hand stand push-ups 

Cap: 11 minutes



C1. This a high skill workout so don’t rush to go into the exercises, perform smooth transitions taking a breath before you continue. Ideally go the muscle-ups unbroken, if not break into a big and a smaller set with short rest between. Hand stand walk into 10 unbroken meter unbroken distances.

C2. The challenge is to maintain  a steady tempo on the rope through the 3 rounds. Go the rope climbs fast and efficiently and continue with unbroken or 2-3 manageable sets of hand stand push-ups.


C1. For time → for form

Ring muscle-ups → chest to rings pull-ups 

30 → 20 → 10 meters of

Hand stand walk → 20 hand stand stand shoulders taps

C2. For time → for form

Metal parallettes → wooden parallettes → regular hand stand push-ups