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Deload Week

When you follow a loaded annual training program like ATPLab training, how will you be able to recover from such a demanding routine and still be active and on schedule? The answer is the Deload Week.  This is a method used for years in fitness and considered to be the perfect solution for preventing exhaustion, promoting restoration and renewing the will to train even harder.

The Deload week focuses on training with less intensity in the workouts, more stretching and mobility work, focus on skills, accessory work, aerobic activity etc. It’s the chance you give yourself to recover and avoid overtraining.

Your body as well as your mind needs time to refresh. The Deload week will support your training in many ways. The one week window is the golden ratio of a 4-6 week’s time of full training to rebuild muscle tissue, restore energy but most importantly clear your mind from the pressure of hard training and prepare yourself to get to the next phase stronger and more eager.

Every athlete’s needs are different. Job, personal responsibilities, daily routines, body and mind endurance affect your course and planning. The Deload week is the perfect tool to use.


ATPLab’s philosophy about the frequency of the Deload week is one every five weeks (5 to 1), although sometimes it can be more personal. A hard month of training, a possible small injury or a weekend’s competition are facts that may lead unexpectedly to a Deload week.

When you are in a Deload week it doesn’t mean you won’t do anything, You will be at the Crossfit Box but you will alternate your training. Avoid high intensity workouts. Work on your strength in weightlifting or gymnastics sessions. Work on your skills. Use accessories. Go for swimming or do some yoga.