You don’t have to be a world champion but you can always be your own champion!


A45  is an effective and easy to follow 45-minute training schedule that you can do in the gym, your house, your favourite outdoor place or wherever you might feel like sweating it out. How is this possible?


We provide you with 3 programs to choose from depending on your mood or training environment. Each one contains different exercises and required equipment so that you can select the one that better suits your needs each and every day. All are created to be exciting, make you fitter, boost your mood and improve your looks.


Bodyweight program: a jump rope and a mat.

Basic program: minimum equipment (a pair of dumbbells, a kettlebell)

Full program: equipment that you can find in a box or a commercial gym


Train with us anytime you want, anywhere you want!


  • 3 training programs
  • 5 training sessions per week
  • 3 portions per session
  • Daily notes & options
  • Access to the video library
  • Training resources (Active Rest, Warm-up, Mindset, ..etc)

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