To be an Athlete means exceeding your limits on a daily basis and constantly re-evaluating what you are truly capable of. 


In ATPLab Training we help you develop the right mindset; that of a champion. The program is targeted towards those who aim to participate in local competitions, the Open or Sanctioned Events and fight for a position in the Games. Each day consists of six elements in this order: Warm-up, Weightlifting, Conditioning, Accessory training, Strength & Gymnastics, Engine.


Each element is constantly varied according to a full season training schedule, specifically designed to reveal your full athletic potential. This will be followed by one day of active recovery and one rest day. Our collaboration with the SugarWOD platform creates the best possible conditions for you to reach the highest level. Direct communication with the coaches and co-athletes, live leaderboard, full training record and a mobile app are only some of the benefits


Once you sign up, you become a member of our SugarWOD and Facebook group, where you can share your results, PRs and thoughts with the team and co-athletes and get tips and advice about every concern you may have.

Important: You must log in the SugarWOD App & Platform using the same email that you used to subscribe to the ATPLab Training site.


  • SugarWOD App & Platform
  • Access to the video library
  • Training resources (Deload Week, Competition Week, Active Rest, Warm up, Mindset, … etc)
  • 20% off to training camps
  • Facebook group access