CrossFit Open 
Workout 20.2

Amrap 20min of:

  • 4 dumbbell thrusters 50lb/35lb
  • 6 Toes to Bar
  • 24 double unders

Here we are with the 20.2 CrossFit Open workout!
What you are called to do in this one, is repeat continuously this seemingly easy triplet of thrusters, toes to bars and double-unders. It may seem doable but your best possible score will depend on how consistent you will be throughout the 20 minutes.

Warm-up: After the activation and the mobility drills take some time to practise with the dumbbells, find out how you want to start each set, how will you pick them up and leave them back down efficiently, then continue with 2-3 high intensity rounds moving from exercise to exercise in order to get the feeling of the actual rotation and pace.

Tactics: Start with an estimate pace you will be able to maintain for the whole workout and keep it really steady! Any variation of your pace will only cause damage to your performance.
For those going for the top spots each round should be completed within 40-43 seconds.

This is a basic pacing chart:
55 seconds = 22 rounds
50 seconds = 24 rounds
46 seconds = 26 rounds
43 seconds = 28 rounds
40 seconds = 30 rounds

The most important part is the transitions!
Make sure you organise your working space, place the equipment close to each other so it will be faster and easier to move around. Start with fast transitions and push t o keep them fast until the end.

Movements: Try to go unbroken on the thrusters. Start ideally, with a biceps curl from a deep squat position or a squat clean thruster!
The toes to bar should be performed unbroken as well! Do fast reps, but dont force them risking to lose your breathing or overtax your hip flexors. We would recommend that you keep an extra pair of grips close by, in case of an emergency switch. It wont take you more than 10 seconds and you it will worth a try.
Try going unbroken on the double-unders as well! A one time break will be ok but breaking every set is definitely not going to lead to top performance. Breath well, be calm and of course count your reps while doing jump ropes.

Always place the equipment, dumbbells & rope properly on the ground in order to get them quickly and easily in every next round. Drawing some lines on the floor indicating the position of each movement so you know exactly where to go straight after each exercise is an extra help.
Your middle-line will be taxed because of the combination of toes to bar and double-Unders so take good care of your lower back & hips during the recovery phase.

Best of success!
Remember to be patient and keep moving!